Tupac Shakur: What’s It Mean To Be A Gangsta?

“That’s how I see it, my word is bond.” Hip-hop enthusiasts cherish the “realness” of their idols as much as the extravagant personas they craft through their lyrics. But as a rapper, there’s a fine line between authenticity and self-expression, one that Tupac Amaru Shakur toed dangerously over the course of his short-lived career. Rapper…

Sicario: Looking at the Lives Ravaged by the War On Drugs

Violence has erected itself as a towering monolith in pop culture, whether it is gratuitously slapped on to spike box office digits, or delivered with rich undertones of weight and meaning. Denis Villeneuve is no stranger to the pervasive bloodshed, having directed films such as “Polytechnique”, a chillingly accurate reconstruction of the Montreal university massacre, and “Incendies”, a grim narrative documenting a family’s exploits during Lebanon’s extended civil war. His latest film, “Sicario”, chronicles the Mexican drug-war and the bloody detritus it leaves in its wake, grabbing you by the throat from the get-go with staggering shots of mutilated bodies hanging from bridges and scores of upright, desecrated corpses trapped between layers of drywall.